altoz zero turn mower review

Altoz Zero Turn Mowers Review

Altoz zero turns is one of the newer mowers to jump on the scene. They have a very unique offering that has never been seen in the lawn mower industry… this is their tracked mower design. It is a similar track system that many skid steer machines have. Basically, you will be able to take the mower on about any hill.

This track system seems great in theory, but we wanted to put it to the test. I was able to demo their tracked mower and regular zero turns to see how well they work. In this article, I'll take an in-depth look at their entire mower lineup.

Altoz History

Altoz mowers were first introduced at Green Industry and Equipment Expo in Louisville, Kentucky in 2013. They were the product of Central Broiler company owner Dennis Brazier, who had long dreamed of manufacturing outdoor power equipment. After the success of his first company, Dennis used the experience and resources available at his disposal to produce Altoz’s first mower, the XC series. Although the initial XC series used wheels like most other zero-turn mowers on the market, Altoz currently offers six different models, two of which use tracks instead of wheels for superior traction.

Altoz Zero Turn Mower Comparison

MowerXR SeriesXP HD SeriesXE SeriesXC SeriesTRX Series
Deck Size48″ or 54″54″, 61″, or 72″54″ or 61″61″ and 72″54″, 61″, or 72″
Deck Type10 ga fabricated deck10 ga and 7 ga fabricated deck10 ga and 7 ga fabricated deck10 ga and 7 ga fabricated deckdepends on model
Engine23 hp Kawasaki FR27 or 31 hp Kawasaki or 33 hp Kohler Command EFI24 hp Kawasaki FS31 hp Kawasaki FX or 37 hp Vanguard EFI27 or 31 hp Kawasaki FX or 37 hp Vanguard EFI
TransmissionZT-3100 Hydro-GearZT-4400 Hydro-GearZT-3200 Hydro-GearZT-5400 Hydro-GearZT-4400 Hydro-Gear
Wheel Type20″ rear tires24″ rear tires22″ rear tires26″ rear tires11″ x 82″ Track
Speed8 mph11 mph9 mph19 mph8 – 11 mph
Fuel Tank5 gallons14 gallons10 gallons14 gallons14 gallons
ComfortHigh-back standard seatHigh-back suspension seatHigh-back suspension seatHigh-back suspension seat and vibration isolation systemHigh-back suspension seat and full suspension
Warranty3 year / 400 hours OR 1 year / unlimited hours3 year / 1500 hours OR 2 year / unlimited hours3 year / 600 hours OR 1 year / unlimited hours3 year / 1500 hours OR 2 year / unlimited hours3 year engine / 2 year transmission / 1 year manufacturer

Altoz Mowers Lineup

Altoz mowers are strictly commercial mowers. Their least expensive mower starts at around $6,000. They are relatively new so they have a fairly small lineup of mowers. I tend to prefer this over a million different options. This may be my experience on the manufacturer side but it is also much more efficient, in terms of production, for a mower company to have fewer models. Let's take a look at some of my thoughts on each mower in the Altoz lineup.

XR Series Models

This is an entry-level commercial mower and the smallest in the Altoz lineup. This mower is decent but really doesn't have many features that blow me away. It does have an independent front suspension, but, like other mowers that try to add different types of suspensions, it really doesn't seem to do much.

Overall, this mower does provide a good cut and seems like it is a well-built mower. It is probably fine for a homeowner with a good amount of acreage or a part-time lawn care owner.

  • Deck Size: 48-54”
  • Top Speed: 8MPH
  • Engine: Kawasaki® FR (23 HP)
  • Transmission: Hydro-Gear ZT-3100
  • Additional Features: Aero Deck™ Finish Deck

Pricing starts at $5,699 for this unit.

XE models

The next mower in the Altoz lineup is the XE series. This mower is the first step into a true commercial mower. It has some good features and provided a great cut. It seems to be a very durable mower that is made for heavy use.

The only real downside I see is the FS engine… I wish it were an FX Kawasaki but this is expected for a mower in this price range. Overall, I think it is a good value and a pretty good commercial mower.

  • Deck Size: 54-61”
  • Top Speed: 9MPH
  • Engine: Kawasaki® FR (23HP)
  • Transmission: Hydro-Gear ZT-3200
  • Additional Features: IFS (Independent Free Suspension), folding ROPS, dual-fuel tanks, Aero Deck™ Finish Deck

Pricing starts at $7,299 per unit

XP HD models

In my opinion, the XP HD series Altoz mower is when the lineup really starts to get good. This mower is pretty sweet and has some good features. It truly is a well-built mower that is capable of the most strenuous environments. This mower has much better engine options than the previous two mowers and a much larger build.

Overall, this mower is comfortable and has a lot of power. It is also priced very competitive compared to some of the closest competitors.

  • Deck Size: 54-72”
  • Top Speed: 8-10MPH
  • Engine: Kawasaki® FX (27-35HP) or the Kohler Command PRO® EFI (33HP)
  • Transmission: Hydro-Gear ZT-4400
  • Additional Features: 12-way adjusting seat, 12v power outlet, dual-fuel tanks, Aero Deck™ Finish Deck

Pricing starts at $9,899 per unit.

XC models

The XC series is by far my favorite model in the Altoz lineup. The specs on this mower are really good. Sure it may be expensive, and mainly built for cutting fields, but, it is a very good mower. The 19 mph top speed really stood out to me. This mower, in high speed, is incredibly fast. It is great for getting from location to location in between cutting.

The cut quality may not be the best on this mower but, in the right application, this mower is very good. I would recommend it for large acre fields or other large applications. The first thing that comes to mind is football fields and similar areas.

  • Deck Size: 61-72”
  • Top Speed: 19MPH
  • Engine: Kawasaki® FX (31HP) or Vanguard™ EFI (37HP)
  • Transmission: Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 
  • Additional Features: SmarTrac™ Monitoring System, Engine Isolation System, Vibration Isolation System, High-Low transmission, 12-way adjusting seat, dual-fuel tanks, Aero Deck™ Finish Deck

Pricing starts at $14,099 per unit.

TRX models

The TRX series mowers are the biggest differentiator in the entire lineup and from the rest of the industry. This is the only mower made that has tracks. This allows the mower to hold up to virtually any hills. It definitely does a phenomenal job on hills.

I only have two downsides/concerns for these mowers. The first is tearing turf. It can be very easy to tear turf with the tracks on this mower. The second is the durability of the transaxles. Hydro-gear has been around a long time but they've never really been used with tracks as the tires. This is a little bit of a concern since it will add more strain to move the tracks. However, I trust that Altoz did tons of testing on this to make them great.

  • Deck Size: 54-66”
  • Top Speed: 8-10MPH
  • Engine: Kawasaki® FX (27-31HP) or Vanguard™ EFI (37HP)
  • Transmission: Hydro-Gear ZT-3400, ZT-4400, or ZT-5400
  • Additional Features: TorQFlex™ front suspension, flat-free tires, TRX Turf or All-Terrain tracks, torsion axle rear suspension, Aero Deck™ Finish All-Terrain Deck

Pricing starts at $13,599 per unit.

TSX Series Stand on Mower

The Altoz TSX series mower is the first of it's kind… a tracked stand on mower. This is a heavy built stand on mower that is made for rough terrain and steep hills. It performs well in the right application. I would never use it on nice residential lawns but, it is great for rough fields and incredible on inclines.

  • Deck Size: 61″
  • Top Speed: 10 mph
  • Engine: 29.5 hp Kawasaki FX EFI
  • Transmission: Parter TF 195cc wheel motors and Hydro-Gear PR 16cc pumps
  • Additional Features:


With the weakest engine available being the 23HP Kawasaki FR691V and the most powerful being the 37HP Vanguard™ EFI, you definitely won’t have to worry about any of these mowers being underpowered. Especially if you are used to using residential models, the Altoz lineup will provide more than enough power for any job.

Cut Quality

These mowers provide a decent cut considering the intended use of the mower. These mowers aren't really made for nice residential lawns. They are made for rough terrain and inclines. They excel in tall Bahia grass and other types of tall grass.

Overall, if the mowers are used in the right environment they will have a pretty good cut quality. Otherwise, they definitely aren't the best cutting mowers on the market. There are other options I would go with before choosing this mower if I were taking care of nice yards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Altoz TRX Track vs. Wheels – Which One’s Better?

Wheels will be adequate in most situations on harder surfaces with moderate inclines. However, tracks have the advantage when it comes to soft surfaces or steep inclines. Since the tracks have a larger surface area (which also gives you more traction), they provide a lower ground pressure than wheels, making them ideal for soft or muddy lawns. The added traction is also helpful on inclines, making tracks the preferred option if you routinely mow steep hills.

Bumps, Slopes, Grass Tearing

The track system on the TRX models will easily contour to the surface of whatever you’re running over, which provides the maximum traction possible when dealing with bumpy terrain. Tracks also provide superior traction perfect for climbing hills, although you will have to be gentle on the turns to avoid grass tearing.

Are Altoz Mowers any good?

Yes, Altoz mowers are premium products perfect for any lawn care company that routinely manages steep inclines or large properties, and some models offer a superior ride to their competition thanks to their suspension systems.

Where are Altoz mowers made?

Altoz mowers are manufactured in Greenbush, Minnesota.

Who makes Altoz mowers?

Altoz mowers are made by Altoz, Inc., a company powered by its parent company, Central Boiler.

Wrapping it up

The Altoz zero turn mowers are great for steep inclines and rough terrain. They excel in conditions you normally wouldn't think to take a zero turn mower. These are definitely specialty mowers with a specific purpose but they are well built machines.

What do you think?

Do you want to get this mower? Let us know in the comments below what you think about the Altoz mowers.

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