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Best Lawn Mower Lift in 2021

The biggest part of owning a lawn mower is the maintenance. One of the most frequent tasks is sharpening the blades. This is especially true for lawn care companies… many will sharpen blades on a daily basis.

Instead of going with a makeshift solution, it is good to go with the lawn mower lift. These are not only the safest option but the most convenient. If you are a homeowner that only sharpens blades once or twice a year you may be able to get away with using a car jack.

If you go the car jack it is very important that you set the parking brake and chock the back tires. It is probably a good idea to use jack stands as well. Either way, I would still recommend getting a mower lift.

Lawn Mower Lifts Overview

You may be new to lifting a lawn mower and not sure how to do it. Let me save you some time and possibly your life and say, if you're going to be doing maintenance on your mower I would get a mower jack immediately.

It will save you so much time and is just a much safer way of changing/sharpening your blades.

Below are the top lawn mower lifts on the market. I have personally used each of these and stand behind each of them. They all have slightly different features and price ranges that may fit your personal situation best.

Super Jack ProMoJack ProJungleJim LiftPro-Lift T-5305
Mower typeCommercial mowersAll mowersCommercial Mowersresidential zero turns and riding mowers
Capacity800 lbs750 lbs800 lbs500 lbs
Lift Height23 in.28 in.19 in.26 in.
Wheelspangreater than 27″31.5 – 62.5 inany19.25 – 42.50 in.

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1. Jungle Jim Mower Lift

jungle jim mower lift review

The Jungle Jim mower lift is primarily for commercial mowers. It can be used on about any mower but because of it's design and price it is probably only going to be for lawn care companies.

The standard 2″ inch tooth means that it is compatible with most mowers. This makes it incredibly universal.

The USP of this lift is that it can lift the lawnmower by 19″ at an angle that you want. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to work underneath it.

The weight lifting capacity of 800 lbs does not disappoint either. It has a foot-assist pedal. This lift design is very similar to the Super Jack Pro. It is a simple design that creates plenty of leverage to lift any mower with easy.

The safety ensures that you can quickly secure it. You will not have to worry about the Jack moving underneath it.

Overall, I would recommend this mower lift to any commercial cutter or lawn care company. It is easy to store, simple design, and very durable.

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  • Lifting capacity of 800 lbs
  • Can lift the mower by 19 inches
  • Safety arm on offer
  • Compatible with most mowers

For the Jungle Jim mower lift, if you have a Toro mower or any other mower that has a longer/wider baffle you will need to order the 3″ tooth upgrade for it to work. Don't let this scare you away though, this mower lift works with 90% of commercial mowers.

2. Super Jack Pro

super jack pro review

The advantage of this lawn mower lift is that it provides a clearance of 23 inches. Due to the same, maintaining the mower becomes easy.

Whether you want to clean under the deck, change the blades or service the machine, you can do all of that and more quite easily.

The lift is compatible with a zero turn, stand on, and walk behind lawn mower with a deck between 36 to 72 inches.

The lift comes with a pedal kicker. The pedal kicker makes it easy for you to lift it. Even though it is a simple design it creates enough leverage to make lifting any size mower with ease.

Moreover, the grips offer another great advantage. They add a little more safety to ensure the lift doesn't slip out of your hands while lifting it. The powder-coated design ensures that outdoor use is not going to be a problem.

You are free to choose between 2 different color options. The non-flat indestructible tires ensure that wear and tear is not going to be a problem.

The heavy-duty construction, along with easy to use design, makes it an excellent choice. I've personally used this mower lift and absolutely love it. I chose it to be first for it's simplicity and quick accessibility.

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  • Compatible with most of the lawnmowers
  • Powder-coated design
  • Available in 2 color options
  • 23-inch lift on offer
  • Weather-resistant
  • Nonslip grip
  • Easy to use

3. MoJack Pro

mojack pro review

The MoJack Pro is arguably one of the best mower lifts on the market. It is the most universal mower jack that is capable of lifting riding mower, zero turn mowers, stand ons, and walk behind mowers. This lift works for almost any mower on the market.

This is very important to note that this mower lift is capable of lifting a tractor style riding lawn mower. This makes is stand out from Super Jack Pro and Jungle Jim mower lifts. If you are a homeowner, you really can't go wrong with this lift.

With a lifting capacity of 720 lbs, you cannot go wrong with this lawn mower lift. It is compatible with front-wheel measurements ranging from 31.5 inches to 62.5 inches.

It is a pretty well designed mower lift. It seems to have a lot of stability. That comes with a cost of being simple and small. This lift is pretty bit and kind of gets in the way a lot.

Raising and lowering the lawnmower is not going to be a problem either. You can do so with a single hand. This mower lift features a hand crank similar to what is on a boat trailer. It is fairly easy to use, however it is much slower than some of the other mower lift options.

In case you're looking for a smaller variant, it is available in weight lifting capacity of 300 lbs as well. Honestly, no matter which mower you have I would go with the large 720 lb capacity mower lift.

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  • High load lifting capacity
  • Perfect for routine maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Very safe design
  • Comes with the workbench attachment

4. Pro-Lift T-5305

pro-lift t-5305 review

The weight lifting capacity of this lift is 500 lbs. Due to the same, it can lift most of the mowers without breaking a sweat. I would not recommend this for the very large commercial mowers. Basically, it can handle a mower up to about 1000 lbs.

This would typically be a mower under the $7-8,000. Not always, but these mowers are all usually under the 1,000 lb mark.

This lift is built out of solid steel so it is still a fairly heavy-duty mower lift. I would recommend it for most homeowner applications.

It comes with dual locking safety latches. Once you put them in place, you will not have to worry about the mower moving around.

The 26-inch lifting height means that maintaining the lawnmower and changing the blades is not going to be an issue. The nonslip foot pedal ensures that you can lift the load quite quickly.

Whichever way you look at it, this lift does not disappoint. It isn't quite as commercially built as the other mower lifts but it is still a good mower lift at a great price.

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  • Dual safety latches on offer
  • Double padded platform
  • 500 lbs weight carrying capacity
  • Solid steel construction

Thus, if you're looking for lawnmower lifts, these are the four options that will not disappoint you. Before you buy one, however, take a look at the FAQ list below.


How to lift riding mower to change blades?

There really isn't much difference between lifting a tractor style riding mower and a zero turn mower. It is essentially the same process. Just make sure you always chock the tires no matter which lift your using or which type of mower.

I would highly recommend using either the Mojack Pro (750 lb) or Pro-lift T-5305. If you have a riding mower or a small zero turn you may also want to get the MoJack Pro 300 lb capacity. It is much less expensive and perfect for those smaller riding lawn mowers.

Lifting the riding mower to change blades is easy. You have to place the lift such that the point of contact is near the center of the lift. That will allow you to maintain a proper center of gravity.

After that, you have to lift it manually until it reaches the height need. Also, you can use a workbench or simply get underneath the mower to change the blades. It's that simple!

How to lift a lawn mower?

The best way to lift the lawnmower is to use any of the lawnmower lifts above. Using any of the lifts above, you can easily mount the lawn mower on these lifts and move it up manually. Since you get control over the height, it is easy to access the blades, wheels, and components of the lawnmower.

How to calculate the necessary lift capacity?

The weight lifting capacity of a lawnmower lift indicates only half of its actual capacity. That is because the lawnmower lift lifts only one half of the lawnmower. For example, if a lift's weight lifting capacity is 500 lbs, it can easily lift the lawnmower, which weighs 1000 lbs in total. Therefore, while buying the lawn mower lift, you can choose a lift with a lifting capacity of a little over half of your mower's weight.

If you are unsure how much your mower weighs I would recommend going to the manufacturer's website for your specific mower. All mower manufacturers will have the weight listed.

This is something that should always be checked before ordering a mower lift or using one. The last thing you want is to get a mower lift that isn't strong enough. The risk of a mower falling on you is simply not worth it.

How is the wheelspan measured?

Wheelspan is measured by measuring the distance between the center of the front and rear wheels. Simply get a tape measure and measure the length between both of the front tires, then the same for the two rear tires.

This will give you the wheelspan for your mower. Most mower lifts will be wide enough unless you have a 72″ or larger deck. Then you may want to check the wheelspan of your mower.

What is the Best Push Mower Lift?

A push mower is a much easier task when it comes to lifting it. Since you can probably lift the mower up, you can simply use any kind of jack stand to lift the mower up.

I prefer to use this Copachi lawn mower lift the best because of it's added stability. it has long legs and a height locking mechanism that makes it very safe. Obviously, a push mower falling on you isn't near as bad as a large zero turn or riding lawn mower but it can still be bad.

Do I really need a mower lift?

If you have decided to take your lawn mower maintenance into your own hands I would highly recommend opting for a mower lift. It is not only easier and more convenient but much safer.

The alternative would be to use a car jack, along with jack stands and chocks. This isn't an awful way to lift a mower but it is just a lot more tools to bring out and a little less safe. Since a mower can be pretty unstable on a car jack it isn't suggested.

Wrapping it up

If you're looking for a lawnmower lift that can help you maintain your lawn mower, these four options do not disappoint. With the FAQs above, you can make an informed decision regarding these lawn mower lifts. It is time to go with the best mower lifts rather than substandard ones.

What do you think?

Do you have a lawn mower lift? Which one do you have? Leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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