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Best Tire Sealant for Lawn Tractor

We’ve all been there. One second you’re mowing your lawn without a care in the world. The next, you’re staring at a severely deflated tire, wondering what the heck you ran over. While flat tires can be annoying, fortunately, there’s a wide variety of tire sealants on the market today that can help you fix leaks and holes in your tires.

Most can even be applied before you have a flat tire as a preemptive measure! Of course, all products aren’t created equal and some will work better than others. To save you the time of manually researching them yourself, we’ve put together a list of the top five sealants we’d recommend using for your lawn tractor!

Our Top Tire Sealant Picks

The Best Tire Sealant on a BudgetSlime 10009 Tire Sealant

Slime is a well-known name in the world of tire care. You can expect to get up to two years of protection from leaks and flats when using this product. Although you can technically apply this product after you’ve punctured your tire, you’d be better off applying it before your tire goes flat. When a puncture occurs, the air pressure will force the Slime inside towards the opening, instantly resealing holes up to 3mm wide. 

The Best Multipurpose Tire Sealant – Gempler's Ultraseal Extreme Tire Sealant

Many tire sealants are only for use with low-speed tires such as mowers, farm equipment, or ATVs. That’s not the case with Gempler's Ultraseal Extreme Tire Sealant! You can use this sealant on everything from your lawn tractor to your daily driver without worrying about leaks or blowouts.

The sealant is effective in temperatures ranging from –40°F to 300°F, so you shouldn’t have any trouble even if you live in a fairly cold area. Although this product is costly compared to the other ones on our list, we think that the wide variety of applications you can use it for justifying the cost. You will have to deflate the tire and remove the valve core to use this product.

The Best Lifetime Tire SealantFlatOut 20110 Tire Sealant

If you’re trying to find a sealant that will last the lifetime of your tires, look no further than FlatOut Tire Sealant! This unique, non-toxic formula uses Kevlar fibers to seal any punctures that may occur (up to half an inch across!). FlatOut claims this product will prevent 95% of flats that would normally occur without a tire sealant.

Unlike Slime tire sealant, you will have to completely deflate your tire and remove the valve core before applying FlatOut. Still, we think the benefits outweigh this small inconvenience!

The Best Short-term Tire Sealant – TireJect Lawn Mower Tire Sealant

This tire sealant is made specifically for lawn mower tires (although there are other sealants available for different types of tires). It protects against a variety of issues including tire rot, bead leaks, tire (tread and sidewall) punctures, and slow leaks using liquid rubber, recycled tire particles, and Kevlar fibers.

This will provide you with two years of protection, but the container is relatively small at 30oz, so it’s fairly expensive. However, you do get something not included with other tire sealants – a “Protected by TireJect” sticker!

The Best Bulk Tire Sealant You Can BuyMarathon Industries 45008 Gal Tire Sealant

This low-speed tire sealant by Marathon Industries is perfect for use in lawn tractors, wheelbarrows, ATVs, and other low-speed off-road vehicles. It uses fibers, rubber particles, and adhesives to cover the inside of your tire and quickly plug any leaks or tears up to ⅛ of an inch. This isn’t quite as effective as the other tire sealants on our list, but the advantage of this product is that you can get a gallon of the sealant for a small price!

Wrapping It Up

Do you use any of the tire sealants above? Let us know in the comments below which you've used and which is your favorite.

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