Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower
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Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower

In the league of zero turn mowers, one of the units that surely has heads turning is the Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower.

You might have come across this beauty before too, and you must have formed your opinion just by stealing a glance from afar. Today, though, we take a peep at what’s under the hood of this orange machine, and you can finally see if it’s worth spending your money on in the first place.

Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower Features

Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower

Granted, this is another zero-turn mower. That means it can probably do the same thing as every other mower of the same status on the market, right? Wrong.

Some of the standout features on the Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower to buttress that point are:

  • Drive system – You get more power from its double 122 cc pumps, combined with a high torque motor
  • Speed – You can get more done with a 12mph forward and 5mph backwards speed as supplied by this engine.
  • Fuel tank – At 9.5 gallons, you won’t have to worry about constantly slowing down work for refueling operations
  • ROPS – The roll over protection system helps keep the mower stable and balanced, preventing tumbling accidents
  • Braking – Moved to the foot area, you can now operate your brakes without having to take your hands off steering controls
  • User-friendliness – Know all those mowers that make their controls difficult to find or maneuver? Well, the Scag Tiger Cat II is not one of them
  • Drive Tires – At 24 inches, the drive tires are solid enough to not only support the weight of the machine, but provide enough traction for curb climbing and stability
  • Comfort – Above all, user comfort is one of the biggest strengths of the machine. The seat adjusts to the driver’s weight to provide the best driving comfort throughout operation.


Depending on your taste and needs, this Scag Tiger Cat II comes with a handful of engine models. The various options are:

  • Kawasaki – The Kawasaki engines are featured across the 48, 52- and 61-inch cutting decks.
Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower engine

They are rated to supply up to 22 horsepower to the drive system when engaged. Irrespective of the cutting deck in use, the same Velocity Plus Deck engineering is used for all.

However, there is a special Kawasaki engine in use that will supply as much as 23hp. Note that this engine is only available on models running the 61-inch cutting deck.

  • Kohler – This is also a solid engine, but it does not offer all the options you get on the Kawasaki engine build. In that sense, you can only get Kohler engines with the 52 inch and 61 inch cutting deck models.

However, the engines on these models will supply 25hp and 29hp respectively, which is more than what you get with a Kawasaki.

Cut Quality

From the above, you should have seen that the Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower was built with just three cutting deck models. These are the 48, 52- and 61-inch cutting models.

Your pick will depend on the quality of cut you are aiming for. For those who will like the highest trim of the pick, you get to choose a slightly powerful engine in the Kawasaki range, or go for the most horsepower with a Kohler pick.

Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower cutter decks


User comfort is one thing that this unit is big on. A wide center of gravity makes the driver comfortable over uneven terrain. Coupled with an in-house torsion-spring suspension on the seats (doesn’t come with all models), you can get your seat to respond to your weight and get adjusted accordingly.

The seat is fully padded, can be adjusted to the front and back, and can also be modified to suit your back. Built with the seats are arm rests, and they come adjustable too.

Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower seat

Finally, the brake controls being moved to the feet makes for a better maneuvering of the machine without taking the hands off your steering controls.


Seeing, they say, is believing. When you take a first look at the Scag Tiger Cat II, you will know that a lot of thought went into the design as much as the functionality.

The choice of orange could not have been better placed. Completed with black detailing on the seats, tires and mount, this machine scores a perfect score for beauty on our scales.

Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower aesthetics


The warranty for this mower is Scag’s normal 2-year unlimited hours. This is fairly standard across the industry. Most commercial mower manufactures have something similar to this

Our Rating

Performance:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Cut Quality:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Durability:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Comfort:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Price:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Overall:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


The final price of your Scag Tiger Cat II will be dependent on the engine/deck size you’re picking, where you’re buying from, financing options and such other factors. On the average, though, you should be able to snag one of these for yourself for around $8,999.

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