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5 Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers in 2019

There are various forms of lawn mowers in the landscaping industry, but the walk-behind form factor does it for a lot of people.

The reason for that is not far-fetched. These kinds of mowers are great for working residential spaces to the best cut accuracy and landscape management. Besides, they are also ergonomically customized to work into tight spaces and get the job done.

However, choosing a great walk behind lawn mower is very important to getting the best output from it. That is why we have created this list of the top five (5) walk behind lawn mowers to put on your list when you are going shopping for one of these.

1. Exmark Turf Tracer Walk Behind Mower

The defining features of every mower in the Exmark Turf Tracer series are a combination of speed, durability and the efficiency that they bring on board. These mowers are made in such a way that they maximize your productivity while taking care of your comfort and needs in the same vein.

Coming with options of 52- and 60-inch cutting decks, the mowers can attain ground speeds of up to 6.75mph on either of the Kohler EFI, Kawasaki or Kohler EFI propane engine types which you can opt for.

With special optimizations to allow you pay less on operational costs, you get to make more on your commercial lawn mower business without having to cut corners.

This mower is without a doubt the most popular in the industry. Mainly because of the easy to use controls. Many users love the patented Enhanced Control System (ECS) controls.

ECS Controls

Simple and durable are the words that come to mind when discussing these mowers. They are build tough and without many moving parts to break. Simple is sometimes better, especially when it comes to mowers.

Check out Exmark’s website for more info and for their dealer locator!

2. Ferris FW35 Walk Behind Mower

We made the Ferris FW35 walk behind mower second place simply based off popularity. This mower and the Turf Tracer are incredibly close and really just comes down to personal preference.

Fun fact, Ferris was actually the first company ever to introduce a hydrostatic walk behind back in the 1980’s.

There are two main engine choices for this machine – the Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton Vanguard options. They have all been specially built to give you the maximum power and run on the best efficiency levels available for the mowers in this level, consuming lesser fuel in the process.

This mower has two control options, Centralized Controls(CC) or pistol grip. The CC controls are similar to the Exmark’s controls but with one less step. The mower is so easy to use and operate.

The height adjustment is so simple on this mower. There is a crank that raises and lowers the deck… no more using pins! This is a huge time saver and just a lot easier on the operator.

Sporting a fabricated 10-gauge deck on top of the dual commercial Hydro Gear transaxles, this mower represents one of the very best value for money on the market.

If you’re in the market for a walk behind we highly recommend the units that Ferris has available. They are incredible machines that are build to withstand harsh beatings.

For more info on this mower check out Ferris’ website!

3. Hustler TrimStar Walk Behind Mower

Hustler has been a reputable brand for a while, and they cemented that importance with the Trimstar’s addition to their commercial fleet.

This mower has been specially designed to take operator fatigue away from the entire lawnmowing process, improving efficiency of the person and machine in the same vein.

The Hustler series are characterized by deck options of either 36, 48 or 54 inches. The heavy-duty fabricated frame means this one can work under rigorous conditions and still hold its own.

That is not even the best part.

Wait till you find out that the patented H-bar steering system takes the operator’s fatigue (or lack thereof) into consideration. These controls can take some getting use to and sometimes some sensor issues.

The deck adjustment is a great feature of this mower. He is able to be feathered while mowing. For anyone that has mowed commercially, you know this is a very convenient feature.

The machine comes with a wider stance (for better stability) which makes it suited to working on slopes and uneven ground.

This is a great review of the TrimStar from Tru Scape Art!

4. Toro Walk Behind Lawn Mower Series

Looking at the impressive fleet of Toro, all of their commercial walk behind mowers which they have developed are no slouch. They have been around a long time and have many great reviews.

These units offer three different style of controls including: pistol grip, t-bar, and twin levers. The pistol grip is the traditional style that most walk behinds have. The t-bar is a Toro classic that many people love. Finally, the twin levers are similar controls to that of a stand on mower.

Toro’s commercial walk behind mowers come in different sizes of kawasaki engines. Kawasaki clearly has a great name within the mower industry and they will hold up for a long time.

Toro has had a quality walk behind for a long time. They have not changed very much over the years but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Learn more about them and find a dealer at Toro’s website!

5. Gravely Pro-Walk Mower

Gravely has been doing this for about 100 years now, so it was not surprising to see that their walk behind lawn mowers are actually one of the very best out there.

Their fleet of walk behind mowers consists four mowers in all, and they are all nothing short of efficient. Depending on the engine you choose, these mowers can supply as much as 23HP for your mowing operations.

They also come with a slew of cutting deck options, allowing you choose just what is best for your needs. Complete with a sturdy design and aesthetic appeal that is almost difficult to beat, the Gravely Walk behind series are one fleet to beat in the walk behind lawn mower market.

The new intuitive steering is super easy to use and great on the operator. It is similar to driving a motorcycle! I will recommend to watch the video below to see how the controls work.

The video is from Cut and Clean Lawn Care. Check them out on Youtube and for more info on this mower go to Gravely’s website!

Wrapping it up

We hope this article has helped with making your decision on a new commercial walk behind mower. Be sure to leave a comment below if you have used these mowers or have questions about them!

Do you own a lawn care business?

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2 Replies to “5 Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers in 2019

  1. My number one as best as I can tell, and I’ve been looking at this for a while, is Bradley 48″ and 52″ hydro walk behinds. The current sale price not including shipping (which will add an average of $300 depending upon how far away one is from Bradley, IL) is $3,100 for the 48 and $3,400 for the 52; The problem with this “best 5” review is that it doesn’t consider “VALUE”, and so the list’s number one also happens to have a list price that is $3,900 more than the same-size Bradley hydro adding in shipping. The list expensive on the list above has the number 5 spot; the Hustler TrimStar, and it is still at least $2,000 more list price than a Bradley that is more powerful, a thicker gauge still deck, albeit a fixed deck. Besides the fixed deck (which could be a non starter for some) and, debatably but not proven, inferior engine brand, and maybe, but not proven, inferior steel quality, the Bradley WB hydro 48s and 52s have industry standard wheels/tires, bearings, pulleys, belts, thicker than most deck (7 gauge side and 10 gauge top), industry-standard Hydro Gear brand ZT2800 transmission, 25 hp commercial engine, 3 yr residential and 2 yr commercial warranty, 18 inch rear and 11 inch front wheel/tires. There have been some so-called negative reviews from folks who have never seen or used Bradley products or have never dealt with the company or dealers or have never attempted to get parts or service, but those are folks making assumptions based on non participation or rumor. But as for real, first-hand experience with Bradley WBs and/or standers, I’d say the positive review rating is near 90%, and since the price is from $2,000 to $3,900 less than competitors (at least comparing list prices) with the only negatives being a fixed deck and more traditional T-bar controls, I’d put Bradley at number 1.

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